Dog Cooling Gel Collar

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The reusable dog cooling collar is perfect for long hot summer days. Simple to fit with velcro fastener, the collar will assist in keeping your dog cool. Keep in the fridge and bring out when required. 

A non-toxic gel pad to aide in cooling the dogs neck, which in turn cools the dog. 

Unlike humans, who naturally rid themselves of excess body heat by sweating, dogs possess only a few sweat glands in the pads of their feet. Rather than sweating, dogs will pant in order to try and cool themselves off when overheated. When panting is not enough to fully cool them, a cooling collar can help to get the job done.

Based on the principle of evaporation that the human body employs through sweating, a dog cooling collar contains a special layer of fabric that holds water and allows it to slowly evaporate over time. As the water in the collar evaporates, it takes the dog's body heat with it, literally cooling the dog from the inside out.

Available in three sizes to suit neck circumference -

  • Small 21cm - 25cm (6.5cm wide)
  • Medium 29cm - 38cm (7cm wide)
  • Large 44cm - 56cm (8cm wide)

If your dogs size fits in between, please select the larger size up. Do not put in freezer.

Care: Always supervise your dog whilst using this collar. Designed for intermittent use to assist with cooling, not for continuous use. Dispose of immediately if it shows signs of wear and/or breaking apart. Do not put in the freezer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leigh Donohue
Dog Cooling collar

Delivery was good and the collar is what we wanted

Will D
Simple and effective

Our dogs are very furry little creatures, so keeping cool in NZ is a bit challenging for them on hot days. Pop the collars in the fridge for a bit, pop it on the dogs and you have happy hounds in no time.

Kim Williams
Great heat helper

Our dog isn’t a fan of water so cooling down in hot weather is hard this collar is simple to use and my dog seems to like it

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