BRB Pets Hydrosmart Flex Hydration Travel Water Dog Bowl - Blue

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The HydroSMART-Flex travel water bowl for dogs is the perfect compact travel water bowl, compatible with 90% of single-use plastic water bottles on the market. The dog water travel bowl is made of silicone and provides an easy and quick way of hydrating your pets on the go. Made from food-grade silicone.

Signature Back-flow Prevention Design
The purpose of incorporating a "back- flow prevention" function is to allow pet owners and their pets to be able to share the same bottle for hydration without any cross-contamination. Eco-Friendly Design - HydroSMART-Flex is the 'only' hydration bowl that promotes the re-use of single-use plastic bottles on the market.

Available in 2 colours.

Colour: Royal Blue

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